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#UkeUpforSummer 2021!

We’re BACK and it feels GOOD!

There is so much good news to be had right now: several covid vaccines are ready to use and soon everyone who wants one will be able get one. Businesses, schools, and communities are opening back up!

Whether or not you had to close your in-person studio because of community spread – as I did! – this is the perfect time to plan our big comeback!

Kids Need Us.

Many children have endured enormous change in the past year. They need opportunities to create new, warm, happy memories. WE get to offer just the kind of FUN that they crave – and the growth and nurturing that they need.

Let’s Get Ready TOGETHER

I'm laying the groundwork for my comeback and YOU are invited to follow along! In the next four weeks, I’m going to be prepping everything I need: my studio, classroom materials, my schedule and calendar, my instrument, and especially, my rusty ukulele skills! - one small step at a time.

I will be emailing you about my progress, suggestions, ideas, and of course, FREEBIES! I can't wait to see what amazing things we can accomplish together!

Let's get ready to spread LOVE and LIGHT. ♥


Miss Annie

aka Music Poppins


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