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7 Ways the Ukulele Superpowers Musical Learning

I love that moment when I tell people that I teach ukulele. People are delighted and intrigued! But often they are curious: why ukulele?

You guys. There are SO many reasons to teach ukulele. It has so much to offer, both for people who already can play an instrument, and those who are precious brand new baby musicians.

Here are just a few reasons why I love the ukulele, and why I know you will too:

1. It is so accessible. Ukuleles are inexpensive, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. Piano students are enthusiastic about the possibilities ukulele playing affords, but the ukulele also makes it possible for students who might not otherwise pick up an instrument to experience the joy of making music.

2. Ukulele instruction is singing instruction. All musicians know that singing is the key to deeper musical understanding and enjoyment. Ukulele classes teach students to sing and accompany themselves as they practice multiple layers of musical expression: melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, dynamics, the list goes on. Once they master a few technical basics for playing, students can concentrate on singing with style and enthusiasm.

3. The ukulele perfectly supplements piano or other musical instrument instruction, theory, and ear training. The ukulele can do it all! Because the ukulele is capable of playing melody, harmony, and rhythm, solo or in an ensemble, it is a way to get kids excited about practicing performance, theory, and aural skills from a non-piano perspective. Kids who learn to play the ukulele gain skills that will make them better musicians on any instrument.

4. Students quickly get high returns on small investments. New players can make a lovely sound on their first day, even their first few minutes of playing. Even little hands can successfully play the ukulele. A student doesn’t have to know much to start making lots of music!

5. It’s a social instrument. Imagine your ukulele students taking their ukuleles out of your studio and into their homes and communities. Whether accompanying campfire songs, picking melodies on the porch or with friends, or performing in concert, the ukulele is an instrument that connects people.

6. It’s beautiful and versatile. The ukulele is an instrument with a naturally pleasant, relatively quiet sound. The ukulele can easily be played in as many musical genres as the guitar. Students can use the ukulele to explore the whole world of music. The sky is the limit!

7. Playing the ukulele is FUN! This instrument motivates players to play just for the pleasure of making music. Kids who sing and play at home learn to enjoy musical creation. It's a great way to catch the vision of life-long musical learning.

BONUS REASON: People love listening to the ukulele.

This little instrument makes the world a more beautiful place!

Let's go out and make this world a little more beautiful. Happy teaching, everyone!


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