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Let's Say Aloha!

the Complete Ukulele Launch Curriculum

Let's Say Aloha is the complete ukulele launch curriculum for group classes, perfect for home-based music educators and independent music studios, designed for amazing summer camps & introductory ukulele courses. 

The Let's Say Aloha Complete Teacher Kit includes
premium materials for five amazing foundational lessons:

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Teacher Guide

A Start-Up Teacher Guide and five expertly designed and thoroughly tested Lesson Plans with detailed activity instructions

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Class CD

A Class CD featuring arrangements in a wide variety of styles (Irish reel, Jazz Manouche, symphony orchestra, and more!)

Student Songbook

A teacher copy of the Student Songbook, filled with lead sheets, chord charts, and lyrics

for every song

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Visual Aids

All the Visual Aids you need, including 8 posters (6 double-sided) and a host of pieces for multi-sensory lesson activities

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Access to 
Activity Demonstration Video Library
and Teacher Files

Access to the online Teaching Demo Video Library and additional teacher files in the Member Area of the website

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Let's Say Aloha?


It’s basically a five-lesson "launch" module that is designed to give kids a great start on their ukuleles. Kids learn to fret, strum, fingerpick, read chord diagrams and lead sheets, and lots more. The lessons use songs, games, and activities to teach every concept.

What age group does this curriculum target?  


Teachers use and reuse the Let's Say Aloha teacher kit in several different ways:

  • Kids ages 8-11 do great in either a five-day summer camp or a five-week, weekly class. 

  • Kids ages 6-8 need a little more time between lessons for their tender fingers, so a weekly class is recommended for that age group.

  • One format that has been really popular in my studio is the Mommy-n-Me class for kids ages 6-8 and a parent. All the moms want to learn ukulele too, so it’s easy to recruit for and lots of fun to teach! 

How long is each lesson?


Each Let's Say Aloha class lasts 50-60 minutes.


Students who have musical experience (such as on the piano) will do great with a 50-minute class. Young students or students who are brand new musicians will need an extra 5-10 minutes to address fundamentals such as holding and strumming the ukulele.  


To increase the value of your camp or class, you may also choose to lengthen out the time of each lesson by including a snack and a craft or other activities. Check out the Music Poppins Pinterest boards for more ideas! 

What is the best number of students in each class? 


Let's Say Aloha works well with 4-8 students in each class. Mommy-n-Me classes work well with no more than six parent-child pairs. 

What is included in the Let's Say Aloha teacher kit?  


Here’s what you’ll receive when you order: a teacher guide and lesson plans, a CD, a songbook, teacher files (for printing gift cards, etc.), a big packet of visual aids, and access to video demonstrations of the lesson activities. 

What materials does each student need? 


Each student needs a ukulele (of course!), a clip-on tuner, a class songbook, and either a class CD or an MP3 album. MP3 albums are available from Itunes, Amazon Music, and CDBaby. It is strongly recommend that teachers purchase ukuleles for their students to prevent poor ukulele purchases. 

What ukuleles do you recommend? 


Download the FREE ukulele purchasing guide for recommendations! 

How much tuition should I charge for this class? 


This depends on your area. Our beta test classes in Houston, Texas have cost $160 including all the materials each student needs for the class.

How do I purchase the teacher kit?


Check out our store!

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