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Annie Rasmussen, AKA Music Poppins

Hi, I'm Annie Rasmussen, high-energy puppet show connoisseur + walking fountain of ideas, also known as Music Poppins!

This blog is where I'll be sharing experiments + findings from my home-based, real-life laboratory studio classroom, where I teach students ages 7-11. I also will be sharing inspiration + tools to help you infuse your teaching with energy and delight.

I launched Music Poppins to put innovative teaching ideas into the hands of home- and studio-based music teachers. If you love teaching children using games, movement, and silly songs, you're going to fit right in!

I've been teaching privately, in schools, and in studios for about 14 years. The piano is my first instrument, the flute is my home, and teaching children is my most favorite thing.

I'm so glad you're here! Be sure to sign up for my email list to receive free teaching tools every Friday!


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